When a cat rubs a hedgehog... and pricks! (Video of the day)

Everyone knows, hedgehogs sting. Everyone except this cat, an 8-month-old Ragdoll female still has a lot to learn!

Lily has approached without being suspicious of little Lucy, a pygmy hedgehog. Africa having invested its sofa. Intrigued, the cat begins with touching with the end of the leg this strange creature ...
But soon she understands that it is better not to try to stroke a hedgehog, let alone sit down above ! Lily will have to find another way to get to know her spicy but adorable roommate !

It's well known that you can not solve a problem by sitting on it!

This fun video n is not without reminding us of the beautiful images of the meeting between the dog Nimbus and the hedgehog Poki-Hontas. A very touching moment to discover, or re-discover, by clicking here.