When a cat becomes a friend with deer: such a nice moment to discover in pictures

How lucky to witness such moments, encounters as touching and poetic as this little wandering cat and two young deer!

The photographer Laureen Carruth, from Marion County, West Virginia, had this chance, and for our pleasure , she makes us share this very nice moment on her her blog .

"It was so amazing"

" I was in Scout Island last night... I was spending wonderful moment, and just as we were finishing our photo shoot, we saw two deer just next to the school kindergarten... And this little cat came running "says the young woman

" He was just sitting looking at us, and suddenly the deer became curious... To sum up a long story, the smaller deer and the cat finally got to know each other... then after 15 minutes the two deer licked the cat rubbing against them. It was so amazing and I'm so lucky that it happened when I had my camera with me .

Of course, this beautiful moment is told much better in pictures than in words: