When a cat and a fawn love one another

The stories of friendship between different animal species, we we will never tire of it! How not to melt in front of e so touching duo Snowflake form the fawn and Lucky the kitten ?

Poor Snowflake had a difficult start to life. One of the legs of the animal was very seriously injured and had to be amputated. Collected by a rehabilitation center for animals, Snowflake has never been reintroduced into its natural habitat. The fawn has unfortunately died at the age of one and a half.
But during his short life, he was able to count on his best friend, Lucky. This abandoned kitten was introduced to him by the team from the sanctuary when he was recovering. A very moving encounter that was filmed.

The two young friends first showed themselves very gentle and cautious towards each other. But very quickly, in just a few minutes, their friendship was born. The fawn began to wash the kitten who was a little puzzled at first, eventually asking for licking after understanding that this funny animal wanted him only good.

Discover in images the meeting of Snowflake and Lucky and the birth of their friendship. A nice moment, full of sweetness, to see and see again without moderation!

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