When Brandy the Carlin goes snowboarding for the first time (Video of the day)

Some of you are already familiar with Brandy, an incredible and adorable Carlin adept at sliding sports. Excellent surfer , because Brandy is a female , the doggie took advantage of the recent snowfall in California For the first time, he tried snowboard

Filmed with a GoPro camera on his board, the proud and brave Brandy is doing as a leader. The Carlin with 10 000 fans on Instagram seems conquered by the powder!

From the height of its 6 years , Brandy surfs only for a year, but passionate and very talented, she has very quickly figured out how to do it.

"We never intended to make her a surfer dog," say her humans. But after putting it on a board once, they realized that the dog was naturally made for this sport . Brandy also enjoys hiking, fishing and driving. In short, she never gets bored!

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