When an orphan kitten makes a new dog

Heather and her young bitch Bunny, discovered an orphaned kitten in the forest... the young woman then took the decision to keep the kid with her. And while he was struggling to survive, he found a surrogate mother: the border collie of his rescuer.

Heather and her puppy got their hands on a kitty lair while strolling through the forest. Intrigued, they looked for the mother of the little ones, then not found... there was moreover only one survivor in the litter. Suspecting that the mother of the hairballs had abandoned , the young woman decided to take the orphan home to survive.

Heather, an animal lover who already has three cats at home, has provided kitten first aid by giving her the bottle and then rolling it in a warm blanket allowing the cat to warm up then to fall asleep for the first time in his life safely.

And only a few hours after the discovery of the baby cat, the link between the latter and Bunny began to form . While the kitten, renamed Otter Pop, was looking for his mom, he naturally took refuge against the border collie to find comfort. " Bunny was a little worried at first... but now she's comfortable with her catmother role," Heather told the Imgur

social network today. : the young bitch watches over the kitten : she cleans, cuddles and spends a lot of time at her side... she takes her role as a mom very heart!

Heather counted s to occupy the ball of hair until the latter is old enough to find a family... but obviously it has already chosen his house.

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