When an adorable puppy tries to get his bed stolen by a cat (Video of the day)

It's no secret, cats love to annoy their best enemies dogs . Among their favorite techniques: theft of bed, cushion or other cozy nest. Remember the video that a few months ago brought to light this bad mania.

Here is a poor little French Bulldog just 10 weeks old who had the unpleasant surprise to find the cat in his basket . But the puppy, who responds to the little name of Pixel, does not intend to let it go. No matter how much time and energy it will take, he is determined to recover his bed .
While the cat, impassive, just seems to wait until Pixel eventually give up, the adorable Bulldog pulls all his strength on his basket, walking the cat from one end of the room to the other .
Will he succeed? Who of the dog or the cat will come out winner of this fight without thank you? The suspense is unbearable!

And at home, how is the cohabitation between dogs and cats?

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