When an adorable puppy joins the most cute canine duo on the web (Photos)

A little simple joy and a lot of in all the weather, it does not refuse! To warm the hearts of their thousands of admirers and sow smiles on their faces, the least we can do is Harlow the Weimaraner and Indiana the Dachshund, this canine duo for which it is impossible not to crack , have no equal.

A few months after the death of Sage, Harlow's first best friend, it is to our delight that the family has grown! A terribly cute puppy , named after Reese, has just joined the tribe.

It seems that the little dog has quickly adapted to her new environment and especially to her older brothers, in front of which she did not even tremble on her tiny paws!

No sooner had she crossed the door of the house than she became the protege of Harlow and Indiana, slept snuggled up against them and let herself be photographed by his very talented human

The result? A series of clich├ęs that bring a balm to the heart in this tristounet Monday!

And at home, how is the cohabitation between animals?

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