When an adorable little boy is reading to his cat (Video of the day)

The weekend will happen under the auspices of tenderness, it is we who you let's say! And for good reason, the pretty duo formed by this cat and his little human will melt you...

After a hard day, it is normal to want to do everything to relax. And obviously worried about the well-being of his best feline friend, a young boy found THE perfect solution to give a good time to this last one. Because yes, if you did not know, cat life is very complicated : eat, sleep, go on an adventure... the cats do not have time to be bored when you have the back turned.

Also, as this adorable video posted on the YouTube channel Sweet Animals shows, the little guy has set up a special ritual for his hairy friend: the evening reading.

They are touching, are not they? However, be sure to never leave alone and unattended child and hairy . Although they are both adorable, they can sometimes have negative reactions for each other.

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