When an adorable dog invites himself in the middle of a football match

This is a doggie who loves Copa Libertadores like no one else! During the match between the Venezuelans of Deportivo Tachira at the UNAM on Tuesday night, he was indeed encrusted on the ground...

ALERT: we found the 12 e man of the match and... as much to tell you that he ran like nobody! Not aggressive for a penny but obviously very player , a mad labrador was invited on the pitch of the match between Tuesday night Pumas Deportivo Tachira during the 8 e final to go from Copa Libertadores. And as the cat that had interrupted Everton's encounter with Dagenham & Redbrige by his presence, the dog was particularly elusive .

But that was before landing in the arms of Gerardo Alcoba, central defender of UNAM... he did not fail to thank with great licks for this happy moment of play !

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