What if your hamster produced energy?

Admit that you've already thought about watching your hamster turn in his wheel like a rat!

And if produced energy , in the same way as the wind that drives wind turbines?

A fad for children's cartoons and movies? Not anymore, since scientists are the most serious in the world about the energy potential of this hairball.

Nanotechnology researchers from the University of Georgia applied to capture the

bioenergy produced by the hamsters that turn in their wheel For this, they made small jackets hamster size

which allow to accumulate the energy produced in a nanogenerator.

1,000 hamsters to charge a phone The tests are inconclusive, but the amount of energy recovered is minimal. Barely twentieth of an AA battery for a hamster. At this rate, it would take 1,000 hamsters to power a mobile phone

! It is still a first step, and within 5 years, according to these same researchers, this technology could be integrated into

human clothing so that we, too, produced energy.

Our shirt could be used to recharge our mobile phone or our MP3 player for example. And if you're a bit of a handyman, your hamster can help you clean your home