And if you were going to work with your dog tomorrow?

This Thursday, September 14, is the "Pet Day"! Organized annually by Purina, this special day celebrates the presence of dogs in business. A good opportunity to take your dog to the office!

Every year, Purina - a major player in pet food in France and around the world - organizes a "Pet Day". The goal of this day is to celebrate the presence of the best friend of man in the professional field.

The animal at work: it's only positive!

On this occasion, Purina, precursor of the "Pets at work", shows that the animal at work is not only possible, but that it is also vector of many benefits : reduction of stress, development of creativity and performance, greater job satisfaction, increased team cohesion and overall corporate well-being are all benefits of the presence of animals. This video shows it:

For their part, dogs also find their account : rather than being alone all day at home, they can follow their masters and are consequently much more fulfilled. In the office with them, dogs can not suffer the loneliness and stress that it generates, and socialize much better.

Join the movement "Pets at work!"

Persuaded that "when men and women animals live together, life is better ", Purina invites all employees who wish to learn about" Pets at work ". Based on her experience with the 22 dogs of her collaborators she welcomes, she encourages other companies to follow the same pattern.

According to a recent survey by AllCreatureAnimalClinic , 84% of owners would dream of taking their pet to work. However, 45% of them admit that nobody has ever asked the question within their company. Yet this is the first step to take: the best way to know if you can bring your pet to work is to ask his colleagues (in case there are phobias, allergies, reluctance...) and his boss!

To prepare at best the arrival of dogs in business , Purina offers you a box containing: a guide of good practices (taking up the questions to be asked and the stages to be respected before and the launching of the project), a passport health for the animal, and a code of good behavior to promote "better living together" in the company.

If you want to get into the "Pets at work" and receive this box, send an e-mail to: petsatwork.purina@nestle. com And if you take advantage of the "Pet Day" to get started?

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