And if you take your dog to the office

Bringing your dog to the office or more generally to your workplace is beneficial for him and for you. Based on this observation and its experience, PURINA®, the specialist in pet nutrition, encourages and supports companies in the reception of dogs for their employees.

Dogs love to stay above all else with their teachers, and if they could follow them on their workplace rather than staying all day waiting for them at home, they would be happier.

A dog on the team ? A strength for the company!

But if you bring your dog to work, it would not only be to make him happy, it would also be an asset for you and your company! Many French people are indeed well aware of the benefits that their dogs could bring if they came to work with them: loyalty, commitment and well-being of the employees would be considerably improved, thus favoring the interactions between colleagues, the team spirit and cohesion within the company.

It is not for nothing that 44% of employees would like to bring their dog to their place of work, according to an IFOP survey conducted for PURINA® in May 2016. However, only 16% can do so.

Purina® supports companies that accept dogs

At a time when the place of the dog in society is more than ever a topical issue, PURINA® - which is committed to improving the lives of animals, their owners and society in general - wants to encourage companies that agree to host the dogs of their employees within their premises. The brand, which is one of the leading petfood companies in the world, allows its employees to come and work with their dogs and wants to use its own experience to encourage other companies to do so. likewise .

PURINA® is a testament to its experience of hosting dogs in the office in this video:

To encourage companies to adopt the same model, PURINA® offers employers a box including:

  • A guide of good practices including the questions to ask and the key steps to be followed upstream and the launching of the project: information of the stakeholders of the company, obtaining authorizations required, layout of spaces, implementation of dedicated signage
  • A health passport to monitor and evaluate the health of dogs
  • code of good behavior to foster "better living together" in the workplace

To learn more about dog care at work , visit our "Petsatwork" section and PURINA® !