What actions to use to educate your dog?

Educating your dog asks you to know exactly which gestures to use in order not to pass the wrong message.

Gestures to educate your dog should not be too abrupt, to avoid confuse and not scare the puppy. The contact with the animal obeys certain rules . Too much congratulatory gesture accompanied by shouts of joy can cause the animal a fear such that it is not about to do again what it has done, even if you were very satisfied!

Habituez also children to the softness in the relations of contact with the animal. Their sometimes abrupt movements may result in aggressive reactions from the puppy . Of course, each member of the family has their own gestures but gentleness is required (except in some cases where learning requires firmness in the gestures, as for walking on a leash).

What tone to use to educate your dog?

It is better to take (if possible) a deep voice, the dog is more attentive. That's why teachers are more easily heard than mistresses! Especially, avoid shouting . A dry, authoritative tone is enough. Even a reprimand must be done calmly (but with firmness)

The movements and postures

Being caught and shaken by the skin of the neck is felt by the dog as an act of anger of the master. It does not hurt the dog, even if it screams. If you use this gesture, be sure of yourself. The firmness will be understood if it is right and if you yourself believe it. And each member of the family will have to use it with as much conviction and firmness.

Repeat that the gestures must be in agreement with the voice . If you decide to "shake" your pet, keep it dry and growl. The small movements of the fingers are very useful. The dog perceives them very well. We must try to get what we want with the simplest movements. So the whole family can use them. Example: the finger that shows the basket means that you have to go to bed.

Raising a puppy from the ground and talking to him in a loud voice is very impressive. It is an attitude of complete domination of the master. Likewise, roll an animal on your back and hold it as well. Some dogs naturally adopt this posture by presenting their belly for caresses. Submission of the animal is then total

Begin early canine education

It is important to handle the puppy from an early age, either during play or by brushing . And this must be done by all members of the family. This manipulation allows the puppy to know who is the master and to be healed or groomed later. It is very painful to see animals "untouchable" while they are not hurt. Learning to pet and touch your dog, even if it may seem superfluous, is very important. This is what will allow your pet to understand you well.

The education of a dog requires perfect knowledge and self-control as well as a control of its means of communication, because any slippage has unfortunate consequences. That may be so, be a good master. Self-control is important in administering rewards and punishments.

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