What does your puppy do when you leave him alone?

You have probably already asked yourself this question: what does your pup do when alone ? How does he spend his time? Do you feel boredom, waiting? The behavior of puppies who are left alone is not well known. A recent study sheds light on these questions.

An Australian magazine, "Journal of Veterinary Behavior," published a study based on video recordings of 32 puppies (a study conducted by Cannas & coll. ). These pups, 50 to 118 days old (approximately 1 1/2 to 4 months old) were filmed for hours after the departure of their owners. The experiment was repeated one month, and then two months later, to measure the evolution of the behavior of these puppies.

Passive Behavior of the Puppy

What this study first put forward is that the puppy most often adopts passive behavior : he is not interested in his environment and does nothing special. Depending on the character of the dog, this phase can last from twenty minutes to 40 minutes.

His second attitude is to have fun and explore what surrounds him. On 1 hour, he plays on average 8 minutes. The barks are relatively short: from 2 to 6 minutes depending on the pups.

The following recordings, made when the puppy was older, showed increased activity of the puppy. -this . The dog plays, is more active, and remains passive for a shorter time.

Few Behavioral Problems in Puppies

This study found only 3 puppies with behavioral problems , such as the stress, which was visible by a compulsive licking of chops . However, these attitudes have decreased over time.

This study thus proves to the worried teachers that their puppy does not suffer from loneliness and easily supports separation . Stressed dogs seem to calm themselves with time. However, it should be noted that some dogs may present real behavioral problems, which can only be corrected with the help of specialists .