What does the cat's "meow" mean?

When it meows, your cat is trying to get a message across, to communicate. Here are some tips to better understand what he is trying to tell you by analyzing his ranges of vocalizations.

The cat uses a wide range of vocalizations mainly to get in touch with people. John Bradshaw, a great researcher in feline communication, differentiates sounds by giving them postural meanings. One way to better understand the behavior of your cat when it is meowing and purring.

What do the meows of my cat mean?

  • meow dry and short, with the right tail: express hello .
  • prolonged meow, weaker on the end: hello accompanied by request (food, door opening, access to the outside)
  • meow in trill or in chirps: welcome sign with proposition of activity in two (play or simple request for attention)
  • rhythmic meow, repeated and associated with a rapid movement of recoil: it is a vocalise of protest about something wrong
  • dragging meow, varying in intensity with the tail horizontal: this is a sexual request explicit on the part of females.
  • Raspy meow, very low, associated with borborygms and howling, like a "murr-raow": on the part of male cats, it is both a ap sexual pel for females and threat for other males who would like to violate their territory

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