According to you, what is the biggest threat for animal species?

Sunday, from 6am to 8am on RMC, the show Vos Animaux will be dedicated to preservation of the environment and animal species . Laetitia Barlerin, François Sorel and their guests will talk about how man harms the planet and its species.

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Poaching, pollution, loss of their natural habitat, invasion of foreign species... animals disappear a hundred times faster than before, say in a recent study of American and Mexican researchers. According to them, we are facing the sixth extinction of animal species, according to US and Mexican researchers.

More than 600 species of vertebrates have disappeared from their natural habitat during of the last 500 years , and for most of them in the last century

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Of all the threats that weigh on so many animal species today, what do you think is the most important?

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