What are your criteria for choosing a dog?

study When you adopted your dog , what was your main choice criterion ? His breed, his character or his price? A study ( Group J / Efficiency, conducted on 2,003 French ) shows how French people tend to choose their dog.

In 2010, 26% of the French population had a dog . This represents many households, but much less than in 1996 when the rate was 38% ! The most represented dog breed is Labrador, with Yorkshire coming second, followed by the Golden Retriever

Which criteria for choosing a dog?

For 22.3% French it is the breed that is the main criterion for choosing a dog. It is understandable, each breed of dog has its peculiarities, it is therefore perfectly normal to be interested in the race of the dog that one will adopt and to have affinities with. Note, however, that at least 58% of owners have dogs without pedigree .

Then comes dog , which is decisive for 12.2% of owners. Here again, it's understandable: some look for a soft and calm pet dog, others a dog that stands guard, a dog that hunts, a sporty dog ​​...

In 3rd position, the size of the dog dog is essential for 11% of French people. Just because some live in apartment in town, others in house with garden.

Then come the criteria of aesthetics for 10% of respondents, the coup de coel; ur for 6.6%, and finally the dog price for... 0.8%! This last figure is quite surprising: for 99.2% of owners, the price of the dog does not matter. Note that 18.8% of respondents say they have not personally chosen the dog.

The favorite dog character of the French

The most sought after character trait in a dog is

. This is the case for 41% of French owners. For the majority of you, to have a dog is to share softness and caresses. For 15% of you, it's player

who matters. In this case, the dog is perceived as a distraction, a friend on all fours. For 11%, the dog must know keep the house , and for 10% he must know to go hunting

. For these, the dog is useful on a daily basis. Finally, 8% want their dog to be cushy , 3% want independent , 3% want it is sporting , and 2% rustic

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