What are the favorite dog breeds of the French?

This year again the Central Canine Society has established the ranking of the favorite dog breeds of the French, based on the registrations of purebred dogs at LOF (Book of French Origins). And it is no surprise that we find the German Shepherd still in the lead.

The German Shepherd, best friend of the French

In 2013, there are indeed 11 373 dogs of the German Shepherd breed who were enrolled in the LOF , a very slight increase compared to the year 2012 which already counted 1,205.

Still far ahead of the other breeds of dogs, certainly, but little by little caught up by the Belgian Shepherds with 9,614 registrations (against 8,415 in 2012). A little behind is the Golden Retriever, which has 9,069 registrations (the Golden Retriever was ranked 2nd in 2012 with 8,877 registrations).

In sum, the ranking remains quite similar to that of the previous year. There are, faithful to the post, the Labradors, French Bulldogs and other Cavaliers King Charles usual. Note, however, that Yorkshire is no longer in the top 10 , thanks to the Chihuahua that has slipped into it.

The growing success of big boys in the heart tender

If the fashion of the small dogs, more adapted to the life in town and in apartment persists, the molosses are not in rest. As already noted last year, Staffordshire Terrier American seduced more and more French despite his reputation as a "dangerous" dog, so that with 7,381 registrations in the LOF he passes in 6th position of the ranking of 2013.
His cousin the Staffordshire Bull Terrier continues to make a place in the heart of the French too, with 5,206 entries (against 4,149 the previous year).

Also to note, the growing success of Cane Corso, which increased from 3,566 entries in 2012 to 4,048, and that of Rottweiler, which slowly regained popularity (the breed grew from 1,878 registrations to 2,222).

The 10 most popular dog breeds in 2013

1 - The German Shepherd
2 - The Belgian Shepherd
3 - The Golden Retriever
4 - The Australian Shepherd
5 - The Cavalier King Charles
6 - The American Staffordshire Terrier
7 - The Labrador Retriever
8 - The French Bulldog
9 - The Chihuahua
10 - The English Setter

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