It is necessary to prove to this mistreated dog that the man can be good!

The Assistance aux Animaux Foundation helped Fennec, a dog who was beaten by his owner in a Paris apartment. Without his intervention, the poor animal could have died.

It is a case of abuse as it exists, alas, much too much. The Animal Assistance Foundation received a "chilling" call from someone who wanted to report a neighbor. The latter was beating his dog at home, as often. " The poor beast's howls of pain resonate in the building, even in the phone's handset," the Foundation reports on its Facebook page.

Foundation investigators and police surrendered on the spot. The owner of the dog admitted that he was beating him... without this seeming to cause him the slightest problem: " It's my dog, I'm doing what I want! " The animal was there, locked in a space of 1 m², stuck behind the appliance. "His head is literally distorted by the violent blows he has received. He has bruises everywhere. He is skinny. There is no doubt, he lived a real ordeal, "says the Foundation.

Despite the blows, the dog has no grudge against the man

Terrified, the dog has managed to put his trust in the investigator who spoke to him softly and handed him a treat. As relieved to finally see his ordeal come to an end, he slipped his muzzle into his neck.

His owner, on the other hand, was not ready to obey; it was necessary for the security forces to control him so that his dog could be taken from him. He was directly placed in custody and then brought before a judge. The court decision is not yet known.

The dog, renamed Fennec by the Foundation, was taken to the vet urgently before being able to join a shelter a few days later. A year old, the poor dog has only known what is worse in a man. Yet, far from being resentful, he turns out to be an "adorable dog, eager for affection, play and caresses" . He is now looking for a family for life. If you want to adopt him and offer him all the love and respect he has never had, contact the Assistance aux Animaux Foundation at 01 39 49 18 18.

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