Watch this puppy grow up under your eyes! 3 years summarized in a few seconds

You too find that time does it go too fast? When you look at your 4-legged companions you fondly remember their babies ?

Yes, Like children, animals grow at lightning speed , without even giving us time to notice that they have become big and strong adults.

To keep a memory, the family of Sophia, a beautiful Rhodesian Riddgeback now three years old, had the the beautiful idea of ​​ photographing her month after month, year after year , always in front of the wall and since her arrival in their life. The bitch was then only a small ball of hair.

The result? They just published a touching video: three years summarized in a few seconds and a lot of images!

And your loulous, they grew so much? Feel free to share on our Facebook page photos of your hairy before... and now!