Watch these men save a dog trapped in frozen waters!

A few days ago, the coastguards of Frankfort Bay, Michigan, stepped in to rescue a dog trapped in the ice. The animal, a Labrador, was wandering on a waterway between Lakes Betsie and Michigan.

In his misfortune, the dog was very lucky , since the guards saw him jump into the icy water and so could very quickly jump to its rescue.

An exhausting and very difficult rescue

Equipped with special combinations, two rescuers jumped into the water to recover the panicked dog and bring it back on the ground. The two men struggled their way through the ice and it was only after about 20 minutes that they managed to bring the animal back to the shore where other men were were waiting with a hot towel

"It was exhausting and difficult," says Sergeant Tim Putnam ABC News . "There were a lot of very heavy pieces and ice patches that I had to move to reach the dog."

On the way to the Benzie County Shelter where he was driven by his rescuers, the Baptized dog Bailey was "shaking with chills". Fortunately, his owner quickly came to pick him up to bring him back to a warm .

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