Want to please and attract others? Adopt a dog!

Are you the happy owner of a dog? You may have noticed how the eyes of people you meet are different when you walk with your 4-legged companion .

More friendly people?

A recent study by British researchers in any case to prove that people with pets are more attractive and seem more friendly than others.

According to this research published by the insurance company Direct Line 52% of Britons think that people with dogs are more friendly than other people they meet while walking. 46% of them think that people who love animals are more attractive, and they are also as much to estimate that walking his dog is one of the simplest techniques to make new friends.

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Friends, and more if affinities!

29% of the people questioned having a dog said to have forged true relations of friendship with people met during the walk According to this study, some 360,000 of the nine million British dog owners have already had a love affair with a person they met while walking their companion
A rather amusing revelation
: British women do not like men with small dogs, while men are not attracted by women strolling alongside big dogs. > Adopt an animal has never been easier: download for free

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