Wandering, this red "Grumpy Cat" did everything to get adopted

While visiting an empty house in order to put it on sale, a a young man from Florida recently made a meeting that turned his life upside down... and the one who is now his new little companion!

He was on his own, without water or food. Also, since he saw a human presence approaching the place he had chosen to live to survive, the poor wandering Persian cat gave all he had to draw attention to him . And it's in the ears of Paul Tateosian - alias deadmans_chungs on Reddit - that his heart-rending meow has landed.

Attendri, the young man who works in real estate first tried to feed him to the help from a mango found in the grass but... the fruit could not find thanks to the eyes of the adorable red feline. The proof ? Her crisp catty grumpy cat visibly not convinced by the food. But although under the spell of this sweet angry tomcat, he had to go back to his business...

Nevertheless, throughout his inspection, Paul made several trips back to the cat to make sure that he has a good day and then... he ended up succumbing to his astonishing beauty.

He ended up adopting it, explaining that the one now called Garfield was in danger all by himself because of eagles, hawks, alligators and snakes.

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