Wandering, an adorable cat chose himself would be his human life for

Tired of wandering across the streets of Japan, a cat has - one day - decided to take his destiny in paws. She has been living happily ever since in the company of the teacher she has chosen herself...

"We choose our friends, not our family." FALSE, you will without a shadow of a doubt to understand Vell, a pretty little cat with blue lagoon eyes. His first meeting with Kawasaki Hina? It was in a Japanese park, two years ago when she was still a kitten. Falling in love with this particular human being, she decided to make him his "daddy" has indeed reported the site LoveMeow .

Putting the odds on his side, the kitten has started to hinder the passage to the young man. She then took her leg between his legs, taking his c & oelig; sister hostage at the same time

And never let go, she managed to crack...

せ っ か く な の で, な ぜ か 僕 に つ い て き た. . と き の 動画 も 置 い て お き ま す ね pic.twitter.com/aZciLpeKl6

- 川 崎 ヒ ナ @ 例 大 祭 M13A (@Kawasaki_Hina) September 4, 2015

It was in a box card that the puppy, as pugnacious as convincing, was brought back to her new home.

It has also quickly found its marks!

Today, a little more than two years later so, Kawasaki and Vell became inseparable. "She's like family to me," , has he actually said.

"We'll be together forever" , was he also expressed on the Twitter account on which he shares all the adorable photos of the one that became his essential.

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