Vitakraft Tooniz Challenge 3: Let's go!

You liked the first two editions of Vitakraft Tooniz Challenge ? So, rejoice, as our 3rd Big Tooniz Contest starts today! You have until September 30th to participate

In the key, more than 2500 euros of lots that will be divided 50 happy winners .

The winner of the Tooniz contest will win:

- A Panasonic Lumix digital camera
- 1 voucher worth 100 euros
- 30 euros Vitakraft

Vitakraft , our partner for this competition, is the leader in food , awards and pet accessories.

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More than 2500 euros gifts to be won

What you want to salivate, your 4-legged friends and you, and give you a crazy desire to participate no? So do not waste more than a minute!

Step 1: Create up to 5 Tooniz

For one month, from 3 to 30 September , each participant will be able to publish 5 Tooniz at most . Do not hesitate to call on your friends to give you every chance to win by asking them to vote for your creations.

But beware, we can only vote 1 time per day for each Tooniz . So remember to come out and vote for your favorite Tooniz every day!
On September 30 at midnight, the 100 Tooniz with the most votes will be selected for the second phase of the contest.

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Step 2: The jury selects the Top 50 Tooniz

A Celebrity Panel will then meet to choose the 50 Most Successful Tooniz from the Top 100 noted. The authors of these 50 favorite Tooniz will win prizes galore!

How to make a successful Tooniz?

Take out your cameras and capture funny snapshots of your pets . Then add a surprising, amusing, touching caption... It does not matter if it is original .

The photos used for the creation of your Tooniz must imperatively be those of your 4-legged companions (and not a photo uploaded to a website). Creating a Tooniz from a photo of your pet is so much more fun and inspiring !

Whether you have a dog, a cat, a rodent, or a NAC (New Pets), all pets are welcome.

Notice to Tooniz followers : Tooniz created and published before September 3rd will not be considered for the contest.

Need help and of inspiration? Check out the 5 Tooniz that last week had the most success on AllCreatureAnimalClinic. They have all the assets to win the Vitakraft Tooniz Challenge
Good luck to all!
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