Vire your hood: after the adoption, Rémi Gaillard committed against the fur

It is alongside the YouTubereuse GeorgiaSecrets and comedian Grégory Guillotin that the comedian Montpellier interfered with the posters of the metro Parisian this morning. The goal ? Fight against the fur we wear without knowing it...

Dogs, cats, rabbits, raccoon dogs, coyotes... millions of animals are tortured every year to adorn our clothes. Also, to raise awareness of this reality, Rémi Gaillard - after allowing the adoption of 160 animals and raised more than 200 000 euros of funds for the Montpellier SPA - attacks, with Georgia Horackova and Gregory Guillotin, to the Capitol metro with its campaign "Take off your hood"

Involuntary fur purchases

Why " Turn your hood "? "The animal fur is mainly present on the edges of the hoods at prices very often accessible (sometimes less than 50 €) which do not raise suspicions among future buyers," says the association Animalter with which the influencers mentioned above are working on. "In the unconscious, fur is always associated with expensive material, a fact that has been largely wrong since its resurgence on hoods, which has brought down costs. Labeling information is often missing or fraudulent. Every year, tens of thousands of people buy real fur unintentionally. Our goal is to prevent these unwanted purchases and to recall the horror hidden behind a real fur hood."

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