Violet, the little cat who is learning to walk again (Photos and video)

Once again, an animal gives us a beautiful lesson of courage , and animal lovers give us a beautiful lesson in generosity.

Seriously injured, the cat could no longer walk

Violet, a pretty black kitten, was found in a park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. United

The poor animal was badly wounded, and never again found use of his paralyzed legs .

But Violet was offered a second chance to walk, thanks to Efforts of Dr. Megan Andeer, a veterinarian working for City Kitties Rescue , who rescues stray cats

Violet is a small cat player, filled with joy

How to resist to such a look?

A small cart was made for her , and day after day, week after week, Violet rea wants to move. Over the last few months, the medical team surrounding the cat has worked hard to help her regain strength and regain mobility of her legs before.

"Violet deserves a second chance to have a life happy "

The journey will be long before Violet adapts perfectly to her cart. But the little cat is animated by great strength, and an admirable joy of life , which has allowed her to walk a long way since her rescue. She manages to walk around, and has even begun to Running !

Violet trains every day, and her progress is told on Megan Andeer's Facebook page, nicknamed The Cat Doctor.

" We think that Violet deserves a second chance to have a happy and fulfilling life , says the vet.

Violet's story is reminiscent of Flipper's paralyzed cat helped by American high school students, who frolics today as if nothing had happened!

Violet learns to fend for herself