Videos: When a big person receives a dog at Christmas... she reacts like a child!

It is true that offer an animal Christmas is not necessarily a good idea unless it is desired by the whole family. And some reactions do not lie!

We already know that children react rather disproportionately but this year, we are interested in adults . When a pet dog is offered to grandpa or the dog of his dreams to daddy, we must also expect a good dose of emotion .

A touching compilation

In order to to keep a souvenir of this Christmas surprise, many families filmed the opening of the gifts. At the sight of these videos, it is clear that these puppies were desired and very expected. The reactions of these adults are quite comparable to that of children: stupor, shouts of joy and many tears of happiness.

AllCreatureAnimalClinic offers a little game: watch the videos and answer the question below of page!

Here is an anthology of the best reactions "of adults" spotted on the Huffingtonpost :

The happiness of a filled woman

Great joy

Mom's surprise

Granny's new friend

Papi's tears

Big tears

A very affected grandmother

So, happy?