Victim of its success, the "pocket dog" feeds the traffic

Dog traffic is the third largest world traffic, behind arms and drugs. In the European Union, the opening of borders has facilitated the importation of puppies so that today, 100 000 pets would enter France illegally each year.

The first victims of these trafficking are the dogs "in fashion". At the moment, these are the so-called "pocket" dogs or "handbag dogs", that is to say the small dogs: Yorkshire, Chihuahua, Jack Russell, etc... reports Atlantico

Extremely strong demand in France greatly encourages these trades. Easy to transport, small dogs are easily concealed during the crossing of the borders whose controls remain much too random. In from the Eastern countries where they are born in "puppy mills", they are transported to France, often through Belgium. They are then sold to individuals via online ads, either in French farms or unscrupulous pet shops that buy them at wholesale prices. Exactly like goods.

It can never be repeated enough: these puppies from trafficking are extremely vulnerable. They are born in appalling conditions, often in unhealthy cages of which their mothers never went out and in which they are condemned to make small with the chain. Babies are then removed from their mothers before they are weaned. They are made of false papers , and are vaccinated with expired products (or not vaccinated at all). Then, they leave for whole days of transport in the worst conditions. Once bought by individuals, often at a lower price than in conventional breeding, they develop - unfortunately - often behavioral disorders or diseases .

How to know if a puppy comes from traffic?

First of all, you must know that a puppy for sale must be identified (see our article on the new regulations on the sale of dogs). If its microchip starts with a number other than 250 (French identifier), it is because it has not been identified in France.

The best way to not buy a puppy from a traffic is see his parents, whether you buy it from an individual or from a farm. Ask to see the papers of the puppy's mother, as she herself may have been trafficked. In addition, in breeding, if you notice the presence of many puppies of several breeds, and few adult dogs, mistrust... A conscientious breeding must be able to introduce you to the parents of each puppy that gives birth! Because if the traffic gives rise to puppies in excruciating conditions, all the farms, even French, are not always more benevolent. Find out before buying an animal, go on site, and do not hesitate to go around the owner...

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