Veterinary technician accused of cruel euthanasia

In Los Angeles, USA, a technician veterinarian working in a pound was fired for practicing inhumane euthanasia on stray dogs .

Manuel Boado, 64, was hired in 2007 by a local pound man from Los Angeles as a technician veterinary. Last week, he was fired after using a Forbidden Technique to euthanize animals.

After failed to inject sedative into the dogs he had to "fall asleep", the veterinary technician would have taken them to a room where there were already other dead animals and planted a syringe in their jugular vein to end their lives.

Another The employee of the pound would have heard Manuel Boado lose patience with a dog that would not die. On entering the room he would have seen two bodies of dogs lying on the ground and a third half covered with blood.

A euthanasia in the blood and barbarism

A third employee testifies to having passed in front of this same room and declares to have had high-back when the animals struggle , to tremble and to urinate.

This employee states: " By pushing this needle into the jugular, it caused a great blood loss. I had never seen so much blood and no one did that before .

The officers at the pound who knocked the technician out said: " By failing to sedate these dogs and placing them in a place where there are already dead animals and others who moan, this employee has created a terrifying climate. It is inconceivable to add an element of fear as you are about to take the life of an animal.

Manuel Boado's lawyer denies the animal cruelty act and points out that he has already received dogs from the pound at his home. He also states that this technician has never received adequate training to end the lives of stray dogs.

Reported Pounds

Beyond the Euthanasia Scandal this case raises the question of euthanasia in the pounds .

A pound is entitled to euthanize a stray dog ​​if he is too sick, too aggressive to be adopted or just if the surrounding wildlife refuges are overloaded.

In the United States, an average of 3 to 4 million pet animals are euthanized each year.

In France a stray dog ​​ whose owner is not found (because is not identified by microchip or tattoo for example) is considered abandoned and becomes the property of the impound 8 working days after its capture. It may be assigned to a animal welfare association or euthanized according to the advice of a veterinarian.