Veterinary profession: the parity between men and women reached!

On the occasion of the International Day of the Struggle for the Rights of Women, AllCreatureAnimalClinic offers you a zoom on the profession of veterinarian, a sector where gender parity has been achieved

For the first time in February 2017, the veterinary profession reached parity with 9,119 men and 9,119 women enrolled in the National Order! In three regions - Ile-de-France, PACA and Occitanie - the active veterinary women are even more numerous than their colleagues . It should also be noted that the majority of practitioners are involved in "canine" rather than "rural" veterinary medicine.

An example for other sectors

In recent years, the profession of veterinarian has continued to feminize. In 2015 already, the National Order had 18 084 registered practitioners including 8 782 women and 9 302 men, an increase of 1.8% compared to the previous year. Women accounted for 72% of new members of the Order. A year-by-year trend that can make an example for many other professions

You want to become a veterinarian , find out how and how much other animal trades.

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