Veterinarians warn: dressing your dog can cause skin problems

Unknowingly, dog owners who wear clothes to their animals can create health problems for them. At least that's what a recent British study reveals...

As a full member of the families in which they live, dogs are often considered children. Their owners do everything for their well-being and do not skimp on the means to "make them beautiful" and protect them from everything. As a result, according to a survey conducted by Direct Line Pet Insurance, 81% of canine owners have already bought at least one coat for their animal. Effective or useless? Not all veterinarians share the same opinion.

Overheating, stress and skin disease

Wearing an insulated jacket for a very young puppy, a fragile, hairless dog or an older dog is helpful to protect it from winter cold . But unduly, it is not advisable to dress his animal: with fur it is naturally sufficiently protected. But that, many are the owners to forget it... and to find then at the vet. Of the 23 specialists surveyed in this study, 32% admitted that they were concerned about clothing being worn on animals. And for good reason, they are sometimes responsible for atopic dermatitis or allergies . But that's not all: wearing a coat is not natural for a dog so it can stress him... or lead to overheating!

The dog breeds most concerned by this such as Westie (70%), Shar Pei and Labrador (35%) as well as Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Boxer (26%).

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