Very sick, this dog dedicated to euthanasia is now a star of the small screen

Captain Weenie is now one of the characters in a web series. But his life has not always been illuminated by the spotlight and this adorable Dachshund has gone through some very difficult times.

Captain Weenie's life looks like a fairy tale, a kind of Cinderella canine version. This Dachshund lived indeed happy with 3 other companions his mistress to death of it. His family then took over by adopting all his dogs. All but him, certainly because of the various health problems he suffered. He was taken to a shelter in Utah where he could have been euthanized if the Dachshund of Los Angeles had not decided to give him a second chance.

Recovery and small screen

His new mistress was quick to come forward and Captain Weenie found a home at the actress Sara Amini. But he was still very sick . He has undergone several dental extractions that have caused sinusitis and also suffers from food allergies.

He is happier today and thanks to a specific diet, he can now focus on his career near his human. The adorable Dachshund has been walking for some time in the footsteps of the actress appearing in his mini webseries Misery Loves Company and Girl with a Wiener .

It was also made a reputation on social networks including Instagram where it has its own profile and is followed by thousands of fans . His favorite emoji? The hot dog, of course, used by his followers as a sign of rallying. In short, life is again beautiful for Captain Weenie and everything smiles for him!

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