Valentine's day: dogs and cats are also hearts to take

" Are you single? Looking for love? ": de many hearts to take, only asking to be cuddled and loved are waiting for you... in the refuges of the SPA!

On the occasion of Valentine's Day, a celebration which as every year will be celebrated February 14, the shelter of Compiègne , in the Oise, decided to promote, not without humor, the adoption of its small protected .

"Adopt an animal is to love it "

" Our idea is to put animals in the spotlight at this time dedicated to love. 'like ,' says Murielle Durieu, the director of the shelter, quoted by Le Parisien .

Throughout the week, dogs and cats will be presented with hearts to take on a dating site. The Compiègne SPA ensures that it will select for you single animals that correspond to YOU ​​.

And promise " a present to every adopter returning with his Valentine or Valentine!" "

Obviously, it is not only in Compiègne that dogs and cats to adopt are waiting for you! In this week under the sign of love, give your heart to an animal waiting for a second chance in a loving home .

Be sure that in exchange, he will offer you his, and much more!

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