USA: cats in prison to help prisoners

Since August, a Nebraska remand prison has had new residents. 'a kind... A little particular Three cats have indeed swelled the ranks of the detainees!

Nemo, Sarge and Boots have been integrated into the prison for coming to help to prisoners . For the director of the institution, their presence alone should soothe tensions between prisoners

Cats behind the bars, but free!

For a little over a month, Nemo, Sarge and Boots wander freely around the prison premises and each cat has already taken under his wing about twenty inmates

It is without any apprehension that the prisoners welcomed the feline trio . Quite naturally, everyone takes turns taking care of the cat in his neighborhood. Brushing and litter cleaning are not even considered as chores by the prisoners.

And that's good because the director of the prison at big plans for felines : they must " ease tensions, participate in well-being and reduce the stress of prisoners ," he explains.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčadopting cats to the prison came to him after hearing about the benefits of domestic felines on sick or elderly people.

The prisoners occupy their free time otherwise

" If it worked in rest homes , why cats would not be effective in prison? , the director wonders, confident

Here the scenario is the same: like Sickly shut up between four walls, our prisoners suffer from loneliness and depression ... .

And the director is delighted. Instead of a dealer or fighting during outings, inmates now take care of cats.

Nemo, Sarge and Boots are all street cats rescued by an association . " We are very attached to these cats. Moreover, we know that if we had not adopted them, their lives might be in danger at present... , "says the prison director.