Upsetting: a dog cries over the grave of a loved one (Video of the day)

Hundreds of thousands of people have been shocked by this poignant video. Wiley, a beautiful wolf dog, seems to cry on the grave of the grandmother of his owner, Gladys.
The mistress of the dog wants to make things clear: she does not know if her dog cries actually, but says he had never reacted that way before, and has never reacted that way since that day.

Does the dog really cry?

" I'm not a veterinarian so I can not say if it's sneezing as some of you are saying, I can tell you that he never did that before and he did not not done since, I do not know if I personalize his actions, but I think it's a behavior in the face of the loss , that I have to undergo with him "she writes.
" For those who say he's dying, I promise you that's not the case, we have a vet and Wiley is doing very well " she continues, explaining that her companion 4-legged is a therapy dog ​​ that comes assisting veterans returning from war zones, and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Wiley participates in a program called 'Warriors and Wolves'

Does this dog really cry?

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