Unusual: a wheelchair pulled by a dog

Jacobus Van Geffen and his dog do not go unnoticed as they wander the streets Albi, in the Tarn. The master is in a wheelchair, and his four-legged companion, Anna, does not just walk beside him. No, she is the one who pulls her chair. The life of Jacobus has really changed since it calls on the strength and dedication of Anna.
It's been 20 years since this Dutchman settled in the South France lost the use of her legs in an accident. And in 2012, reports ladepeche.fr , after seeing the picture of a man who had this ingenious idea, he decided to trade his chair "classic" against a more ecological and original machine.

"I prefer a dog than an electric motor"

"It's amazing, the strength of a dog, Anna is able to pull me even on a hill, only if it's very steep that I help a little by pushing the wheel with my hands! " he explains, saying he recommends this solution to all the disabled. No need to have a sled dog, he says.
Anna is a Border Collie, and she fills his mission perfectly, gathering with undisguised pleasure the caresses of passers-by, touched by the strange duo . Jacobus says being forced to calm the ardor of the people they meet. "She loves caresses and suddenly would forget to move forward!" he jokes.

Thanks to his dog, Jacobus feels much freer than before. " I found a mobility I can go for miles, while in a wheelchair without a dog, I did not go very far, it goes fast, I can go wherever I go by bike! " he says enthusiastically.
And the eco-advantage of this wheelchair pulled by Anna also makes him happy. "I prefer a dog rather than equipping my chair with an electric motor. Contact with a live animal is more difficult, but it is more pleasant than to recharge batteries! '