Underwater, this Afghan Hound takes himself for a mermaid! (Video)

You can not imagine what an Afghan Hound looks like under water? This video, posted on Twitter, will give you the answer... and you will not believe your eyes!

The Afghan Hound is grace embodied. With its majestic and dense hair, this dog has a look that makes him so special. Underwater, it's a little bit the same. It looks like a siren (or a jellyfish) , according to this video:

Underwater Dog Dementor

Posted on social networks, this video is actually a commercial the Swedish bank Klarna, and it dates from 2016. Through these advertisements, the bank wanted to promote its spread payments.

Despite the buzz it arouses, this video is mostly a nice editing : Afghan greyhounds can not swim in this way. But we would like to believe it!

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