Incredible! This monkey has adopted a wandering kitten (Video)

Lilly the macaque is a survivor with a big heart and who immediately took under her wing a little orphan hair ball.

For almost a year, Lilly is recovering at Ball Wuttichai, Thailand . The 27-year-old had found her after she was attacked by wild animals and took care of her. He cared for her and even built her own house in her garden so that she could continue to live in a natural environment while being protected. She gradually regained strength and became accustomed to the presence of her savior with whom she forged strong bonds. But since August, the macaque also has a new friend very surprising.

An astonishing duo

One day, in the garden, appeared a kitten white and red , visibly orphan and wandering. He sat down not far from Lilly and they both looked at each other, intrigued, without any animosity. Without Ball being able to explain it, a complicity is quickly born between the monkey and the feline and they are henceforth inseparable. They spend their days together either simply sitting next to each other, or in each other's paws, and even sleep together in the little wooden hut.

"They are best friends, explains Ball. They never fight. I have not seen anything like it, a cat and a monkey, so close. It's as if the kitten who had no parents found a mother and Lilly found a son. She was hurt when we found her and we helped her heal but I think the cat helps her get better too. The kitten has not yet been baptized but he seems determined not to leave his new mother.

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