Unable to bear the death of his dog, he spends a fortune to clone

Devastated by the death of his dog, a Torontonian made the big decision to have her cloned for the modest sum of $ 80,000. A little madness that he does not regret for a moment.

Last August, Matthew Johnson was facing the death of his dog Woofie , a German shepherd aged 20 years. An impossible mourning for the Torontonian who decided to do everything to revive his beloved dog, even if it would cost a small fortune.

An inseparable duo

Between Woofie and his human, it's a very beautiful story which has been written over the years. It must be said that the bitch was very comforting for her master when he was hospitalized for a rare form of meningitis. Partly paralyzed, Matthew Johnson admits he could not walk again without Woofie's help. When he notices that his dog's health is starting to decline, Torontonians do not hesitate for long: he asks for the help of a specialized laboratory (located in Texas) in order to have Woofie cloned. to be able to relive beautiful moments with her A cloning and two adorable puppies

After having

disbursed 80 000 $ (more than 70 000 euros) and given DNA samples (blood, saliva and skin), the laboratory was able to proceed with the cloning of Woofie. The embryo was then implanted in the body of a bitch. Two puppies came into the world after this cloning to the delight of Matthew Johnson who met them a few days ago and hug them. Woofie Junior (the puppy that looks like two drops Woofie) and Blondie now share the day-to-day lives of Torontonians who never tire of observing them and

do not regret for a second the money spent . As for those who do not understand his choosing to clone his beloved dog, Johnson explains that his goal was to find a dog that would be totally

in unison with him , a real companion. Also read: Mini Winnie, the first dog cloned British