Uggy, a

dogs, dog hero, dog gendarme Uggy, it is the name of the famous Jack Russell has become a true movie star thanks to his impressive The Artist . But it is also that of a dog gendarme , a true hero

, who has well deserved the medal which he was decorated on August 26.

8 years, 250 missions As reported by Midi Libre , Uggy was pinned after 8 years of good and loyal service within the gendarmerie of Bagnols-sur-Cèze, Gard. Aged 9 years and a half,

the Malinois (Belgian Shepherd) participates in the search for missing persons, and sometimes ensures the safety of some people during special events. In pairs with his master well -loved Christophe Chamayou, the brave and devoted Uggy can boast of having completed more than 250 missions, of which 70% were successes

The retreat of the hero Saturday, in front of the gendarmes where he worked for all these years, the dog officially took his well-deserved retirement

. Attention to you, Marseillaise: it is in heroes that the military dog ​​has seen his career come to an end. Decorated with the bronze medal of the national defense