Uggie, The Artist: A First Excerpt, Exclusive!

The famous Uggie, Jack Russell Terrier become a huge dog star thanks to his impressive performance in The Artist, will publish his memoirs on October 17 . A book called Uggie, The Artist - My life, my work .

The little dog now 10 years tells us his incredible fate , his abandonment by his " first human ", his stay in the pound, then the second chance that was offered to him by Omar , his beloved master and trainer.

AllCreatureAnimalClinic today has the immense It's a pleasure to deliver exclusively a first excerpt from this exciting biography!

Uggie is preparing for the Oscars, and talks about his love Reese Witherspoon, as well as a certain Robert Pattinson...

"Everyone was very excited about this guy, Oscar, I did not know who he was, but what I knew was that he had better give me a sausage or I would play him a I could even deposit a special reward that would forever be engraved in its beautiful red carpet...
Above all, I hoped that my dear Miss Withe rspoon would be present at this party. It's no secret in Hollywood that "Miss W." and I have developed a unique relationship on the set of my previous film, Water for Elephants , which also featured the Twilight whooping cough: Robert Pattinson
In this regard, I never really understood what everyone found for him, Mr. P. (Rpattz as his fans call him). Every day, there were hordes of young girls screaming at the studio door, yet this biped who plays the teaser is far from having my level skateboard!

Uggie and actress Reese Witherspoon at White House Correspondents Dinner

Do you think I would miss an opportunity to lick Miss Witherspoon's face in this way that belongs only to me? Certainly not!
Born under the sign of the impulsive Aries, she is perfectly compatible with my calm nature of Aquarius. We were naturally drawn to each other. Our love, which I hope will be eternal, was literally written in the stars. Every time I approached her, the glowing smile she gave me was even more irresistible than a slice of pepperoni. To preserve my brand, I have often had to get away from her.
Unlike the most obscene gossip spread by the Hollywood press, I never sexually assaulted her leg (although, I confess, I licked it once, when snapping off the shelf). Even when she was riding a circus horse dressed in everything and everything from a sequined bikini, I behaved like a perfect gentleman in the prime of life against a young lady from Louisiana.
Charlize Theron, Tilda Swinton, Katy Perry, they all pulled me off at the various ceremonies I've been invited to since my last movie, The Artist, started to feel like success. But there's only room for one Hollywood beauty in my burrow heart. "

Uggie on the filming of Water for Elephants, starring Robert Pattinson (Credit: Omar Von Muller

Uggie, The Artist , will be released on October 24th by JC Latt├Ęs.