Two years in prison for the Niçois having transformed his cat into a live torch

The man who set fire to the cat of his companion before defenestrer since the 7 e of his Nice building on Monday was sentenced to two years in prison following his appearance before the judge...

Reha Hutin, president of the 30 Million Friends Foundation, has been granted: the Niçois, executioner of a cat a little earlier last week, was sentenced to two years in prison and six months suspended and put to the test following the violence caused on his companion but also and especially for the cruelty with which he has shown the cat of the latter.

Indeed, jealous and "in a state of obvious drunkenness", the man - during a sharp altercation with his wife - set his cat on fire, turning him into a living torch. Climbing the horror forced, he then went further, swinging the poor animal through the window, as reported by our colleagues from Nice-Matin ...

Animal Defenders welcome the sentence

"It's not me, I do not understand how I did that" , reported AFP according to the statements of the accused during his appearance immediate Monday "I did not want to burn it, I just wanted to impress my girlfriend" , he added before saying: "she made me fart a cable, I'm someone very kind... "

A defense that did not move the court in the least, much to the relief of the animal welfare associations. And for good reason, these greet the "exemplary and just sentence" made by the court.

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