Two world records for a bitch who likes round ball!

Her name is Purin the Super Beagle and has something to shake the Bekcham or other Ronaldo... This bitch is indeed a real ace of the round ball!

Its owners have quickly decided to put to sport the small and strong dynamic bitch they adopted baby in a

Purin is so talented that a Facebook page and a Youtube channel are quickly dedicated to his football exploits. Recognized by the Guinness World Record as the fastest dog to travel 10 meters holding a Gym Ball, a new record has been added "

Record of the best dog to the goal!

Among all her achievements, this champion trained by her master, Makoto Kumagai, also excels as goalkeeper. Thus, the Beagle beats the previous record by stopping 14 mini-balls in one minute!

Well placed on both feet in his cage, Purin is impressive.