Two teenage girls convicted of putting a kitten in the microwave

Two young girls coming from Maine, in the United States, come from to be condemned by the courts, one year after having put an unfortunate kitten of 2 months in the microwave and put on line a video of their "feat".

The teenagers aged 16, of which the names have not been made public because they are still minor, have received 100 hours of community service , said Tamara Getchell, spokeswoman for the Cumberland County Attorney's Office. They will also have to undergo a psychological assessment.

Abused and neglected

Found by the South Portland police following the excitement around the world caused by this video, both pleaded guilty charges of cruelty to an animal against her, although their attorney assured that they had no intention of causing the poor animal to suffer.

The kitten survived well and was given Refuge of the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland. But a few more moments locked in the microwave on the move would certainly have been fatal.

In addition to being abused for the sole pleasure of posting a video Vine on Twitter, this kitten named Miracle was removed well too much to his mother. When he was recovered by the association, he was underweight and was flecked.

A second chance for Miracle

When Miracle was put back on legs, it was proposed for adoption and the shelter has fallen under the demands . It's a certain Mary Bryam who was chosen.

The happy girl was thrilled when she heard the good news, when she knew it was she who would take care of this ball of hair whose life started so badly. " It was unreal, I was so excited " she says

Maine's animal cruelty laws are some of the toughest in the United States. The State was ranked fourth in the field in the 2013 annual ranking of the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF).