Two sisters "collectors of animals" sentenced

71-year-old Lauretta Nawojski and 72-year-old Jackie Pearl Haney were sentenced by the US court to 5 days in prison . Last November, 48 cats and dogs were found in the homes of these two sisters. All lived in deplorable hygienic conditions

Animals crammed in their homes

A few months ago, when the veterinary services wanted to enter the house Lauretta Nawojski and Jackie Pearl Haney, they first had to order ventilation. In fact, a stench was released from their homes.

When the professionals were finally able to enter, they discovered a place they still call "sordid", " terrifying "and" unhealthy "! Inside, quarts of cats but also some dogs survived somehow, crammed

Prison and salty fine

Malnourished or sick, 4 cats had to be euthanized and many others treated. Veterinary fees incurred to treat malignant cats amount to more than $ 5,000 . This note will have to be paid by the torturers, considers justice.

Moreover, in addition to the 5 days of prison , the two collectors of animals will soon have to pay the pension note of the 44 animals placed in refuge . The County Veterinary Services and the Nevada Humane Society claim the two women to $ 47,000 .

Animal collectors, also known as "hoarders", are people suffering from Obsessive Disorder. Compulsive (TOC) that drives them to accumulate cats or dogs. They end up huddling the animals in their homes, leaving them to wither away while refusing to euthanize them.

Between love and abuse, the heart of animal collectors scales pathologically...