Two minutes: this is the amount of memory the dog would have

While the human has the ability to remember an event occurred 48 hours before, the dogs, they would have a memory capacity not exceeding two minutes. It would seem that it is not that bad...

According to a study raised by the National Geographic , which was conducted by Johan Lind, ethologist working at Researchers from the University of Stockholm, the animals would remember arbitrary events for 27 seconds on average

This study was conducted on 25 different species ranging from monkeys to bee, passing - obviously - by the best friend of Man!

A memory test with amazing results

In order to achieve this result, the animals were subjected to a test of memory . If it can be child's play for humans, it has been surprising in animals. During this exercise a red circle was first shown to them. Then, a new symbol such as a yellow triangle was introduced into their space. Finally, the two symbols were laid before them. They were then asked to select the first object that was presented to them. In case of a correct answer, the animals were rewarded.

The information retention time of animals varies from a few seconds to a few minutes , the researchers said in their report. However, the dogs would be more lucky: according to experts, they would have a memory capacity of up to two minutes . Therefore, when he sees a former playmate, he is simply unable to know since when he has not seen .

This is one of the reasons why the punishment in offset is not a good solution ! Indeed, if you have not seen your animal do the stupidity in question, there is no point in punishing him two hours later, the latter will not understand your gesture... he will not even remember having done something wrong.

Selective memory

" The results suggest that animals do not remember long-term arbitrary events," Johan Lind explains. However, they have selective memory and remember important information for their survival, such as knowing where to find food or knowing what to avoid. In addition, the dog, thanks to its associated memory , is able to retain the orders that its master gives it!

" We believe that the ability of humans to remember events arbitrary is unique , said Johan Lind, surprised by the poor performance of our cousins ​​chimpanzees... who have - according to his experiment - only a memory of only 20 seconds.

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