Two Indian students film themselves and throw a dog in a vacuum, the Internet tracks them

A video has been circulating on the Internet for a few days and has become viral. A bad buzz that we would have preferred never to see, since these terrible images show a dog thrown into the void from a terrace.

They are called Gautam Sudarshan and Asish Paul, and they became the number one public enemy in India. The first is the Indian student who is seen throwing a dog over the guardrail of a terrace in the video. The second is the one who films it. The two friends are medical students from Madha Medical College in Chennai City. Yes, medical students. Men who have chosen to spend their lives saving others. And who did not hesitate to murder an innocent animal.

By broadcasting their video, these two barbarians surely thought to amuse the gallery, like so many other killers of animals who spread their acts of maltreatment. video on social networks. But Gautam and Asish are probably caught in their own trap. They should not expect such a buzz. Viralized, their video went around the world in a few hours, and revolted the Internet well beyond the Indian borders. Now the police and animal welfare associations are looking for them. The Humane Society International is offering a reward of around € 1,300 to anyone able to give information about these two men on the run.

Attention, the images of the video are shocking. Sensitive souls refrain.

Please share this help bastard

- Karthik Dhandapani (@iamkarthikd) 4 July 2016

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