Two Husky abandoned in a park with a little word that breaks the heart

With them, their toys and food.

In the city of Fresno, California, two adorable Husky dogs were found alone in a park. Beside the two bitches was a box with their toys, food and a small word .

Probably abandoned by their masters, the two bitches were taken care of by the protection services. animals. Appointed Jada and Layla , the two bitches are now looking for a new family to get a second chance.

As for the little word left with the two bitches, it indicated the first names of both bitches as well as their age. It was also advisable not to separate them because Layla is frightened and stressed without the presence of her sister.

essential information for the future of these two bitches, especially since they were neither chipped nor identified. A little later, the owner of the bitches would have called to say that she wanted to give them to someone else, without further explanation...

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