Two girls lose their cat 11 years ago, a phone call will change everything

Like what, we must never lose hope...

It all starts 11 years ago . Léa and Lise - two girls - are preparing to go on holiday with their parents and will then drop their little cat named Choupa at their grandparents' home.

A leak and a life of wandering

Unfortunately, as soon as his Little Choupa gets scared because of several dogs barking and runs away. Despite weeks and weeks of research, numerous posters and other calls for help, nobody finds Choupa who seems to have vanished into the wild .

Leah is then 10 years old and does not recover from the loss of her beloved cat. Fortunately, two newcomers to the family will help him get better: first a black cat named Gaston, adopted a year after the departure of Choupa; then a bitch named Cinnamon

The years pass, but no one forgets the little Choupa even if the hope of finding it is nonexistent

A call that changes everything

And yet last September Lise answers a call that will change everything.

"A lady was asking me if I knew a cat called Choupa. I did not understand. I was three years old when we lost her, "explains the girl at the Parisian site.

Le Parisien on Twitter

Thanks to its microchip, Choupa was found after 11 years of disappearance. She was then more than thirty kilometers from the place where she escaped. Skinny and frightened, the cat is doing pretty well and no one knows exactly how she lived during all those years .

Two days after receiving this call, Lise and her dad take the car to go look for Choupa. To everyone's surprise, the cat seems to recognize her former family and goes directly to them to cuddle them.

Back in her house in the Oise, Choupa must learn to live with Gaston, and this is not every day easy but things should get better soon.

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